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Independent Medical Evaluations

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Independent Medical Evaluations (IMEs) are conducted by expert medical professionals to review specific medical decisions surrounding the cause, extent of injury, and medical treatment of a work-related or other injury. These evaluations are often requested by the insurance companies, employers, government agencies (including city, county and state level), or related third party administrators.

Pacific Evaluations has been providing comprehensive, objective and evidence-based IMEs for over 25 years. Our physicians are board-certified, active medical practitioners with decades of experience treating work-related and personal injuries. Each physician has the ability to incorporate legal information with current medical practice guidelines and is familiar with legal jargon in the context of medical opinion. Most importantly, all of our IME physicians are readily able to express findings clearly and justify objective opinions with evidence-based information and literature while explaining away commonly held misperceptions unfounded on medical principles.

Our expert staff of administrators and physicians help our clients navigate the often complex and multi-dimensional process using a coordinated and seamless approach. We provide all scheduling and administrative support to allow our doctors to provide high-quality, objective reports, as well as expert testimony when needed.

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